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Seal Online

Cute-styled MMORPG claiming a 30% female audience and a reputation for couple-making.

Game Title : Seal Online

Developer : YNK GAMES Inc. (Representative Yoon Yeong Seok)

Publisher : YNK KOREA Inc. (Representative Chang In Woo)

Genre : MMORPG

Official Website : www.sealonline.co.kr

Date of Service : Formal service started in January 14th, 2004

Gag action 'Seal Online' reformed the PC game Seal into online game, and it is the first online game that embodied 3D cartoon-rendering. Its special features include bright and cheerful worldview, over 1,000 various quests, time-warp system, and unique battle system that contains fairytale-like background with cute and comical monsters and characters.

One example that shows the comical characteristic of Seal Online is 'Sleeping Skill', a skill that characters can use to increase their health point. Characters literally go to sleep in the middle of the game, and depending on the skill level, the materials they use vary from a piece of newspaper to a bed. Also, when users hit monsters in the game, the monsters response in ridiculous ways, such as 'Why are you hitting me!' or 'I really don't want to die', which provides humor to make users laugh.

'Seal Online' started its open service in 2003, and over 30% of the entire users are female. It is well known as a couple-making game, for the fact that over 30 marriages were done by the couples inside the game. As the first online game to reach over $10 million export to China in 2004, 'Seal Online' has been servicing for 6 years now, yet it is still being loved by the users.

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