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Sci-Fi London 2008

Sponsored by Moviestorm, a piece of animation software we're assured has something to do with games.

Cambridge,28TH March 2008– Moviestorm today officially announced its sponsorship for this year’s SCI-FI-LONDON, the UK’s only dedicated SF and Fantastic film festival, Wed 30 April – Sun 4 May 2008

Part of SCI-FI-LONDON’s mission is to encourage more SF films to be made and each year they run a series of master classes and workshops aimed at new filmmakers. This year everyone attending the SCI-FI-LONDON Film School will receive a copy of the Moviestorm software and Matt Kelland, Creative Director of Short Fuze will introduce the Software to the audience during the festival.

Festival Director, Louis Savy, said “we are delighted to have Movie Storm supporting the festival and can’t wait to see what people come up with. The software is so easy to use, it is perfect for making scifi movies without the need for huge effects budgets”

John O’ Boyle- CSMO for Moviestorm added

“This is a key sponsorship for us as we will be making several announcements to coincide with the Festival. Science fiction is hugely popular with amateur movie-makers, but it's quite daunting to shoot an SF movie with real actors. Machinima is a great way to enable amateur movie-makers to shoot SF, because you can easily make use of costumes, environments and effects that would otherwise be way beyond most budgets. This film challenge will really unleash people's creativity and enable both novices and more experienced film-makers to venture into all sorts of new territory.”

Notes to editors

MOVIESTORM enables you to create your own film in 15 minutes. Although it uses game technology, and has a game-style interface, it’s not actually a game. And although it’s a way to make movies, it’s not a staid desktop-style animation tool. It is more than either of these; it’s actually a powerful form of creative expression. All the consumer needs is a voice and something to say.

This complete movie-making package takes the user all the way from initial concept to finished movie. It allows individuals and groups the ability to create a large variety of output; from comedies, music videos, video blogs, soaps, drama and documentaries, potentially through to high-quality complex movies that traditionally have only been affordable to larger studio endeavours.

More information and free software download can be found at www.moviestorm.co.uk

Press Enquiries to Frazer Nash at



Wed 30 April – Sun 4 May 2008


Apollo West End, 19 Regent Street

London SW1Y 4LR, UK


The UK’s only science fiction and fantastic film festival, SCI-FI-LONDON is set to deliver its seventh festival in 2008. Over the last 6 years SCI-FI-LONDON has shown itself to be a hit with venues, sponsors, film studios and our audience. Each year screening attendance has topped 80% and we have consistently attracted excellent media attention.

The festival continues to bring fun, challenging and interesting movie premieres to the UK along with our programme of rarely screened classics. We pride ourselves on delivering World, UK and London premieres (WILD ZERO, VERSUS, AKIRA, FALL OF THE LOUSE OF USHER, SLIPSTREAM, AVALON, MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, THE MACHINIST, PRIMER, FINAL FANTASY:ADVENT CHILDREN, CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, PAPRIKA and 28 WEEKS LATER) and a dynamic shorts programme, which has sold out every year.



(2007, RUSSIA, MIKHAIL KHELBORODOV) Based on the novels by Ivan Ohlobystin.

In the not-so-distant future, a crew of ex-commandoes is assigned an important secret mission. This is a welcome opportunity for the retired soldiers to be reunited with their brothers-in-arms. But there are few old scores between them that have yet to be settled, and this bad blood could threaten the whole mission. This team of super pros realize that there are more important things than sticking to the Paragraph--the code of the commando. And they soon discover that the real danger lies not in the weapons base where they have been posted, but within their own team.




Based on a best-selling Russian novel, Nikolia Lebedev's THE WOLFHOUND spins an epic sword and sorcery tale of a fierce warrior's quest for revenge for the death of his parents. Four years in the making, with the biggest budget in Russian history, THE WOLFHOUND is a gripping, action-packed feast that will delight fans of LORD OF THE RINGS, CONAN and KRULL.

Right up there with the best Hollywood (and New Zealand!) sword and sorcerer genre films, but we think it is better as the characters aren't the usual polished American or seasoned British actors.


(2007, USA, Dean Ronalds)

Berm-Tech Industries is a front for a sect of vampires the world would’ve otherwise forgotten. But they’ve kept themselves going through a communal approach; they work together and all live in the same building to make sure their numbers, which certainly aren’t growing in the 21st Century, at least don’t diminish.

Problem is the top man at Berm-Tech (Darrell Hammond) has contracted a disease which causes him to start losing his memory. Not only has he forgotten he is a vampire but he hires a couple of new people to the secretive company.

One of the new employees, PD Landry (Judd Nelson) is a time-and-motion guy brought in to improve productivity! While the second, Pearl (Amy Davidson) quickly captures the heart of Otto Granberry (Steve Burns) our faithful vampire computer guru and narrator. Not only this but members of Berm-Tech suddenly begin to disappear and Pearl begins to grow suspicious of the companies’ vampire-like qualities, Otto must solve the case, win the girl and save the day.

Creatively scripted, this low budget independent film is the kind that demonstrates how filmmakers can perceptively make an entertaining movie without having a huge Hollywood budget.

Starring: Darrell Hammond, Judd Nelson, Steve Burns, Amy Davidson, Jason Mewes and Robert Wagner

"It's like if the Coen brothers had made Shaun of the Dead" AintItCool.Com

Other things happening at the festival will include a 48hour Film Challenge being held in conjunction with the SciFi Channel and SCI-FI-LONDON.TV

Film London, the capital’s film and media agency said of the festival:

“Film London is pleased to support SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival as a significant contributor to London’s film cultural live. The strong audiences achieved by its screenings are a testament both to the city’s appetite for science fiction film and to the work the festival does in bringing new audiences to the genre. An acknowledged leader in its field, the festival has effectively pioneered a variety of online marketing strategies and consistently demonstrates professional best practise in its operations. SCI-FI-LONDON have always been generous in sharing their expertise and knowledge and Film London are grateful for their support in developing London’s film festival sector.”

Tel: +44(0) 20 3239 9277 Mobile: +44 (0) 77537 46621

Email: louis@sci-fi-london.com Website: sci-fi-london.com


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