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Schanz International Consultants (SIC ) to exclusively license RPG "Dimensity".

Deidesheim, 23rd July 2007

Schanz International Consultants has added PC title DIMENSITY (RPG with strategy elements ) which will go gold in August 2007 to its portfolio for the games Convention.

Dimensity is an innovative RPG on PC platform which successfully combines the best of classic role-play and modern strategic elements. It invites you to take journeys, lead armies, achieve honourable goals, unveil mysteries by involving yourself in unpredictable struggles.

Driven by an intensive, unique story with smooth and intuitive gameplay, the player is promised exciting, dense action in close identification with the hero in a detailed world. He can join in on the endless single play sessions and exciting multi-player levels where you can export your character to wherever you want to go! Play in a vast world leading one of four totally different races, learn new skills and obtain large number of weapons, armour and items. The specially created role playing system gives freedom to build your main characters and combines well with the traditions of the strategy games. At your disposal will be many units and buildings to gather an army, miscellaneous quests during a mission.

Gerhard Schanz, Managing Director of SIC says, "we are pleased to represent Dimensity from Dagger Games. Publishers will be excited about the uniqueness of game-play as well as the fact that it is in final stage of development".

Hristo Velchev - Manager of Dagger Games Studio says, "We are very pleased to have such experienced and estimated partner as Schanz International Consultants (SIC ) for our new title Dimensity. We wish to everybody who will be in touch, to enjoy Dimensity as much as we enjoyed to creating it."

For more on Dimensity - www.dagger-games.com

For more on SIC - www.schanzgames.com


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