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SBD Dauntless

WWII plane add-on launched for Flight Sim X.

FROM GARETH JOHN WORDCASTER-PR REF Vertigo Studios PR002 23. 02.10

A UK based producer of addons for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X has launched the second of a range of WWII aircraft to flight simmers through their website. The SBD Dauntless is now available from Vertigo Studios following 12 months of research and detailed modelling and painstaking replication of 6 liveries to represent versions from SBD 1 through to 5, and the A-24B of the famous carrier based dive bomber that operated in the Pacific and Atlantic war zones.

Project Manager Dean Greasley says that the SBD follows the success of their first product, the Grumman F6F Hellcat: “We set out determined to raise the high benchmark already set by the Hellcat and are very confident that the detail, combined with an immersing selection of animations, will please simmers who love aircraft of this era.”

Anyone who downloads the free Manual will be delighted to see that the highly detailed and realistically textured virtual cockpit also includes the gunner’s position. The Vertigo team have not only animated the forward canopy, but the gunners main entry canopy, and to work with separate key controls. Having opened the rear canopy, the twin flex-mounted, rear facing .30 cal machine guns can be lifted from their bay in readiness for action!

The SBD’s dive bombing capability has been replicated within the carefully tested flight dynamics. Of course there would be little point in dive bombing using the massive perforated dive flaps if a bomb could not be released. The ability to lower the bomb cradle first, then release the bomb is animated in stages as experienced in real world action.

The Vertigo Studios is available only for FSX including SP1, SP2 and Acceleration (no planned version for FS9). A comprehensive paint kit is provided for the growing community of repaint artists.

For additional information visit www.vertigostudios.co.uk


Images of Vertigo Studios SBD are attached to email. More available on request.

Note To Editor.

For free “flight test” download please request direct to Dean Greasley.

Vertigo Studios Product download Sales Distribution rights also available on request.

For additional information contact: Dean Greasley Founder and Project Manager

Vertigo Studios



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