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Say What You See: Music Fest

"Insanely addictive" picture puzzler with a musical theme.

DATE: 4th June 2010

Today, Big Ideas Corporation, the London-based developer of innovative iPhone apps, is proud to announce the release of ‘Say What You See: Music Fest’ on June 11th (App Store approval permitting). It’s the first in a series of insanely addictive, mind-bending games set to top the iTunes games chart.

Say What You See (SWYS) is a picture puzzle game series with 50 cryptic clues hidden throughout a beautifully hand-painted scene. To play it, you’ll need the observational skills needed for Where’s Waldo to spot the clues and the lateral thinking needed for Dingbats to solve the clues.

SWYS: Music Fest is the first release, which features a festival scene stuffed with hidden references to recent bands and artists that the player must decipher. For example, a picture of a half dollar, represents 50 Cent.

Music Fest is the first of a series of monthly games. The SWYS series will give gamers, music and movie lovers and art enthusiasts a regular addictive challenge to enjoy, wherever they are, on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. SWYS Great 80’s Movies will follow in July. A fully HD version of SWYS: Music Fest will be released for the iPad in June.

Each game centres around the virtual canvas, painted in painstaking detail by renowned artist Amie Bolissian. The user must navigate around the canvas, cracking as many clues as quickly as possible. It’s as simple as spotting the clue and guessing at the answer. A scoreboard will show how you rank against fellow players and Facebook friends.

The artwork for the virtual canvases has been exclusively painted by fine artist Amie Bolissian, who has exhibited worldwide. Of Say What You See, Amie Bolissian said, “I’m excited to bring my love of fine art to the wireless world and give users a creative and challenging way to spend their downtime.”

Suitable for the whole family, young and old, Music Fest is a brand new concept in addictive brain teasing. If you get stuck, don’t worry, and remember the golden rule: just Say What You see!

Pricing and Availability

SWYS Music Fest is free to download and comes with 25 brainteasers. Users can double the number of puzzles to play with by downloading the premium version, available for $1.99 / £1.19. Subsequent canvases, including SWYS Great 80s Movies, will come with 50 puzzles at $1.99/ £1.19.

Notes to the editors

For more information on the Say What You apps, please visit www.facebook.com/swysapp or www.SWYSapp.com . ‘SWYS Music Fest’ is the first puzzle game in the SWYS series. The canvases were exclusively painted by Amie Bolissan for ‘Say What You See’. Bolissan gained a B.A. in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London (1995-1998) and an M.A. with Distinction European Literature & Philososophy- Queen Mary’s University of London (2005-2006) For information on the artist, please visit http://www.bolissian.com/

Jon Hamblin

Digital Product Marketing Manager

Big Ideas Corporation

PH: 07812587898


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