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Role-Play Forums launched.

We are happy to announce today's release of the new Ryzom Role-Play (RP) Forums! We have been wanting to create forums like these for a long time now, and thanks to the great php developer team, we now have it; our very own Ryzom forums.

How to access these new forums? As usual, from in game using Shift+W or with your browser.

We didn't just plug any old forum software into Ryzom; these forums are designed to completely fit Ryzom's needs. For example, the forum knows who you are, so you automatically see all forums available to you, depending on your race, civilization or faction. For example, only Tryker citizens will see the Tryker forum. Only Karavan Followers will be able to see the Karavan forum...

But there's more, you'll also automatically see your new private guild forums that only your guild members can see. Depending of your guild rank, you'll be able to read, post or moderate the guild forum. Guild leaders and high officers will also be able to create custom private forums for their guilds and choose whom to give access. For example, create a specific forum that only the leader and high officers can read, or another one where only leader can post and all members can read...

Notifications? Oh yes! In the next patch, you will be notified by an icon in your compass window when there is a new post. For this, we setuped a watch system where you can specify which threads or which forums you want to follow!

You'll be also able to see only unread posts, all posts posted in the last 24 hours, add a signature to your post, add an avatar image, set a topic to sticky or locked...

We really want this forum become THE central place for all players and guilds.

Of course, this is only the first version; we plan to add more and more features in the future!

The old in-game guild forums are now deprecated, and will be removed and replaced with this new forum in the next patch. So make sure to save your important posts before that time!

PS: If you not already did it, don't forget to read the new mail features.

About Ryzom :

Ryzom is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing or MMORPG Game set more than 2.000 years into the future, on a living, evolving world: beautiful Atys!

JOIN US NOW, and discover the hidden mysteries of this world. But be careful; your choices will impact not only you, but the world of Ryzom as well!

Download and Register Here : 21 day FREE trial, Sign up in less than 60 seconds! Enjoy...

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