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Now playable in Russian. Добро пожаловать!

Our new patch 1.8.0 is made with the theme of diversity and openness.

The patch will be rolled out on Wednesday, 17 February and contains:

Opening Ryzom for Russian language players: Добро пожаловать! meaning "Welcome!" in Russian.

We are delighted to welcome the Russian community to Ryzom!

As you may know, many players on the English language Arispotle server are native Russian speakers. For their benefit and to promote Ryzom, the game has been fully translated into Russian. That is just the start; however, once the number of Russian speaking players is large enough, we will open a dedicated server for them.

Until that time, a small technical team has been formed to better meet the needs of this budding community. The forums already boast a new section dedicated to all Russian speaking players.

The whole Ryzom Team warmly welcomes “Intacto”, our new SGM who will be in charge of the entire Russian community of Ryzom!

Other features of this patch:

Many small corrections in the English text.

Some improvements on the interface display.

Some effects were added (AFK).

Exploits have been fixed.

Access this news on our forum HERE.

The whole Ryzom team wishes you also a happy New Year 2010 !

About Ryzom :

Ryzom is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing or MMORPG Game set more than 3.000 years into the future, on a living, evolving virtual world: beautiful Atys, where after creating your own personal avatar you will guide it on this strange planet to uncover its mysteries.

The game boasts the unique science-fantasy setting, a distinctive and artistic visual style and a sophisticated plot based on the conflict of two mysterious supernatural powers, which was awarded "Mmorpg.com Best Story" award. Gameplay is highly adaptive to your personal preferences and the actions/skills system is remarkably special, sophisticated and profound.

JOIN US NOW, and discover the hidden mysteries of this world. But be careful; your choices will impact not only you, but the world of Ryzom as well! Download and Register Here : 21 day FREE trial, Sign up in less than 60 seconds! Enjoy...

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