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Rotating HDMI Cable

Connectivity for wall-mounters.


Doncaster, UK – 12th Sept 2009 – Premium video game accessories manufacturer BLAZE have revealed the ultimate in connectivity for wall mounted or custom installed HDTV gaming systems.

It is now commonplace to find huge wall mounted high definition TVs in living rooms across the world, feeding our need for that crystal clear movie experience.

With the PS3 and Xbox 360 both boasting HDMI outputs, it was only a matter of time until us gamers wanted in on this HD action too. We all want to get the best out of our systems right?

The issue with these super-sleek flush mounted set-ups is the lack of space at the rear of your TV to connect all your new fangled Hi-Def gadgets.

The BLAZE Rotating HDMI Cable features 180 degree swivel head connectors allowing you to link your PS3, Xbox 360, or any other HDMI equipped device to your HDTV no matter how tight and neat your set up.

The gold plated low profile connectors give you the ultimate in versatility and flexibility when space is at a premium whilst transferring full HD graphic and audio brilliance from your games console.

The BLAZE Rotating HDMI Cable is available to buy now from www.blazeeurope.com and all leading video game stores for £14.99

For further information please visit- http://www.blazeeurope.com/ps3/ps3-rotating-hdmi-cable/prod_80.html

Rotating HDMI Cable for Hi-def Gaming & Movies

• 180° Rotating heads ideal for flat panel displays

• Optimum graphic and sound experience from your PS3, Xbox 360 or any other HDMI Equipped device

• Maximum digital signal transfer and corrosion resistance

• All-in-one digital AV Cable for easy hook-up to your HDTV

• Highly durable outer shielding

• 2 Metre cable for maximum flexibility

Information about all BLAZE products can be found at www.blazeeurope.com



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About BLAZE Europe Ltd

Blaze Europe is a world leading developer and distributor of quality accessories and software for video game consoles, handheld media devices and PCs.

With over 20 years of experience in the sector, the research and development team continually create a product range that is designed to meet the needs of a fast changing business, in a fast changing market. This team has established BLAZE as an innovative and high quality brand.


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