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Rome: Total War

Gold Edition reaches the Mac in March.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


Brad Gibson at bgibson@feralinteractive.com

+1 918 691 3420

Feral Interactive has announced it will release the Mac version of Rome: Total War™ Gold Edition in March. SEGA’s top-rated strategy game will be released by Feral as the second in the series of Feral Legends titles.

Attendees at Macworld Expo 2009 in San Francisco, Calif. can experience the game for themselves at the Feral’s booth #2530 in the South Hall of the Moscone Center.

Encompassing three centuries of warfare from the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire, Rome: Total War is regarded as one of the best strategy games ever with a seamless integration of strategic and tactical modes and featuring a 3d graphics engine that is capable of rendering over 10,000 soldiers on a single battlefield.

Players take charge of one of three Roman families with the goal of increasing their family's power in Rome through diplomacy, economic skill, and of course, war! Players can fight epic historical or fictitious battles while negotiating a century-spanning campaign across Europe and Africa.

Making the appearance of Rome: Total War on the Mac even more compelling is the inclusion of the official expansion pack, Barbarian Invasion. Set some 300 years later, players must decide whether they will save Rome from its enemies or, at the head of a Barbarian faction, fight to destroy it.

“The Total War series is one of the most-requested additions to Mac gaming” said Feral Interactive’s David Stephen. “It’s a game that is superbly suited to the platform and one that will be available to all Intel Mac owners including those with Macbooks”

The game will retail in North America for US $29.95, £19.95 (inc VAT) in the UK and €24.95 (inc VAT) throughout Europe. It is currently available to pre-order from Feral's online store ( http://www.feralinteractive.com/?section=buy&language=english).

Minimum system requirements call for a 1.8GHz Intel Mac only, 512MB RAM, 128MB graphics card, DVD drive, 3.5 GB of hard disk space and Mac OS X v10.4 or later. The game DOES support Intel GMA processors. (Intel Mac Minis and MacBooks).

EDITORS: Screenshots, logos and other essentials graphics and multimedia tools for Rome: Total War™ Gold Edition can be found online in the Feral Press Area ( http://press.feral.co.uk/). Please use your assigned login recently provided to you. If you do not have a login, please contact Brad Gibson, Feral Marketing/PR Manager, at bgibson@feralinteractive.com.

About Feral Interactive

Feral interactive is a leading publisher of games for Macintosh platform founded in 1996; based in London England. It is responsible for such Macintosh hits as Black & White, Colin McRae Rally Mac, Lego Star Wars II and Tomb Raider Anniversary.

About Feral Legends

Feral Legends is a recently announced label of Macintosh games under the Feral brand. First launched in August with the debut of Sid Meier’s Pirates!®, Legends are top quality, older titles previously un-released on the Mac. They will run on all Intel Macs including MacBooks and are sold at mid-price.

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