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Rodent Awards 2006 – The Results!

The results are in! Ridge Racer 6 snaffles Game of the Year 2006. Black, Guitar Hero, Defcon and Gears of War win big. Cherry beer was drunk.

We had an awards night, gamers and game-makers mingled and laughed and had a cracking time. The serious business of celebrating a fantastic year of videogaming was achieved and everyone went home with grins the size of Cheshire.

Jez Chubb of EA Criterion: "Genuinely the most enjoyable awards gig I've been to and great to receive praise from people who played, understood and loved our game as much as we did." Veteran games journalist Andy Lowe adds "The best thing was it didn't just feel like some daft fanboy love-in. Beneath the rough 'n' ready vibe, there was a smart, informed, unashamed sense of passion for gaming." Oh and Mr Biffo turned up too - so we made him our best ever celebrity friend, beating Lionel Blair who one of us saw buying a Daily Mail in a Putney papershop one time.

Beneath the raging daftness we wanted to make a serious point - that this was an awards night by gamers, that we played and loved everything nominated and that we believe gamers and game-makers interacting is the way these things should be done. Game BAFTAs? No thanks. Here's Jez Chubb again with the last word "overwhelmed by the Best Level award. We know you guys played all the games nominated, because we chatted about them all night. I guess that makes you the best qualified judges we know, and we really couldn't ask for a better compliment."

And neither could we - thanks everyone: you were great.

All the winners: http://www.wayoftherodent.com/features/rodentawardswinners.htm

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