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Guide a rocket-propelled bird using the iPhone's accelerometer.

Bordeaux - November 6th 2009

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3l_5EnIHDA

BeTomorrow announces its 3D game "RocketBird" for iPhone and iPod Touch.

RocketBird is an action game in which the player represents a bird in flight. The objective is to fly the longest possible distance. The only thing is that the bird has a rocket on its back!

Set in a colorful environment, the game is very easy to play as it uses the accelerometer to move the bird left or right. Catch the stars to fill your rocket's tank and to extend your flight. Avoid any countryside obstacles such as mills, cows, farms, trees or fences that are in your way.

Choose between 3 levels of difficulty and try to get the best score.

You can then send your score and consult the worldwide ranking. Compare your distance with other players and try to get the world record in each level.

Attention...the countdown has begun...3 2 1, let's fly!

"I am particularly proud to announce our new 3D game RocketBird as it enriches BeTomorrow's new line of online services dedicated to iPhone and Android devices", said Sylvie Clin, CEO.

RocketBird is available now from the AppStore at the following address:


About BeTomorrow

Created in 2002, BeTomorrow has developed unrivalled experience in building communities and managing applications. Since its inception eight years ago, BeTomorrow has been at the heart of the mobile, web and TV industries.

Our expertise is focused on:

• Web and mobile games

• Real-time 3D simulations for the internet, mobile and TV

• Rich media mobile applications on various platforms

• Online communities (chat, forums, contests, multiplayer games, user generated content...)

Some of our products:

• LiveSailing ( www.live-sailing.com): solutions for live sailing race coverage on the web, mobile and TV. Examples: Olympic Games (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008) and the America's Cup.

• LiveSkipper ( www.liveskipper.com): massively multiplayer game on sailing. Users compete against real skippers within the same weather conditions. Available on the web and on iPhone.

• ToiletFinder: an iPhone application using geolocation to find the public toilets.More than 250 000 downloads so far and 20 000 active users each week.

Today, BeTomorrow is trusted by global network operators, sports federations, event organizers and media owners. Our clients include Orange, Lagardère, Swatch, Omega, THQ, Alcatel-Lucent and Vodafone France, to name a few.

Visit our website: www.betomorrow.com

Any questions: send us an email to contact@betomorrow.com

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