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Roberto Chaves appointment

Joins mobile ad firm DIDMO as CEO.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - September 2, 2008

DIDMO, a leading advertisement delivery platform in the mobile market, today announced that it has appointed Roberto Chaves as the new Chief Executive Officer of its global operations. Chaves is charged with growing the company’s presence in North America and Europe, in addition to further solidifying DIDMO’s position as a leader in the mobile advertising space.

Chaves brings a wealth of leadership, research and development, programming, and IT consulting experience to DIDMO. Chaves started his career as co-founder of Evolution 42, developing a complete software and hardware virtual reality system for an arcade platform, one of the first to render graphics in 16-bit architecture. Since then, Chaves has held various positions including project leader with Cycore AB’s Cult3D R&D team, Senior Graphics Software Engineer with Mental Images, Technical Advisor with Cycore and United Keys, and as CTO with IPDrum. Chaves is a SuperGroup Member with Research International and most recently served as Scrum Master and Team Leader with Ace Interactive.

“DIDMO is an innovator in the competitive technology and service platform spaces, and its targeted and compelling approach to in-application mobile advertising ensures key results for advertisers while providing benefits to consumers,” said Chaves. “The industry is set to undergo tremendous growth and DIDMO is poised to provide further value, raising the mobile advertising bar even higher. I’m pleased to join DIDMO and help to grow its value proposition around the world.”

DIDMO has achieved wide recognition with its technology platform by delivering free, full-version games to mobile phones wrapped in an ad-supported shell for 24 hours, after which consumers have the option to purchase the content or download a new game. Its “try before you buy” business model offers consumers on-going content for free or purchase, publishers with increased control of IP and additional revenue streams, and advertisers with a proven method of high ROI averaging 5-10% click-through rates.

“With the appointment of Roberto Chaves as CEO, DIDMO will continue to penetrate and strengthen its position in the North American and European markets,” said Gorgen Abrami, Chairman of the Board. “Our mobile platform continues to be a valuable tool for publishers and advertisers worldwide and we will continue to expand our service offering with unique solutions that will drive growth.”


DIDMO is a proven leader in advertising-wrapped content delivery to mobile phones. The company provides a seamless in-application mobile advertising solution that delivers full-screen ads embedded in free content, such as games, to mobile phone users. The DIDMO platform was developed to offer free trials of such content supported by non-obtrusive advertisements, offering a viable way for publishers and distributors to deliver compelling content that drives mobile purchases while generating high impact advertising impressions. Content publishers can easily upload content to consumers, as well as view valuable statistics on downloads, number of plays, purchases, and user ratings for use in content development and marketing research. DIDMO’s ad-supported content delivery platform serves to meet the needs of consumers, content publishers and advertising agencies worldwide with delivery capabilities in Scandinavia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. Please visit www.didmocorporate.com for more information.

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