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Riverplay Games Announces Spike Dash!

Platform Action In A Shell!

New Irish Indie games developer Riverplay Games proudly announces the release of their first PC game title "Spike Dash". In Spike Dash, players take on the role of an alien tortoise in a classic platform genre wrapped up in 3D environments across ancient worlds such as the Egyptians & Aztecs.

Dash across over a dozen ancient colourful environments & save the planet from a secret evil plot from our hero's own brother! Locate the Star Elements, beat the count-down timer, avoid the health damaging environments & spellbound creatures to stop you at every turn!

Our alien tortoise hero named as "Spike", must collect 4 special stars with each star containing world elements such as Fire, Water, Wind & Earth in order to open a special exit portal to progress onwards with the next level. With only a stun gun at hand for players to defend themselves & bonus items to collect to survive the progress aggressive enemies. The stakes are raised with each level reducing the clock down-timer in completing near heart stopping escapes and health damaging environments without warning are everywhere!

Spike Dash is a simple, easy to get into game-play & controls with addictive fast levels that becomes very difficult with limited lives & no save points in a 3D game vision of 1980's games style game-play! Spike Dash is also a re-make of the Commodore 64 game, "Spike!" which was developed by the "Spike Dash" Producer, Keith Killilea.

To download the Demo or buy the Full Version, log onto: www.RiverplayGames.com

Riverplay Games is a privately owned game development studio based in Ireland, and the cream of Irish developers! Founded in September 2007 by industry veteran Keith Killilea, CEO, its focus is to create next generation 3D casual PC games aimed for both today's parents and children, but also the current gaming consoles download system!

For additional information (or for screenshots, &/or evaluation copy), contact Keith Killilea.

Press Release PDF format: www.riverplaygames.com/press.htm


Keith Killilea

Global PR & Marketing Manager


Tel. +353 87 1234949


Riverplay Games

The Granary Suites,

Dominick Street,

Galway City, Ireland



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