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Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War

Two new free planes enter the downloadable hangar.

Lake Forest, CA - July 14, 2009 - CompuExpert announced today that PC flight-simulation Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War, developed by Russian developer neoqb and published by 777 Studios, is adding two more flyable planes to its selection of aircraft and has successfully deployed its first patch, which corrects some minor issues.

All Rise of Flight players in North America and Europe will receive the Albatros D5 and the Nieuport 28 free of charge. Thanks to the product's advanced activation, management and launching (AML) system, each new plane will automatically appear available the next time you play the game. The sleek German Albatros D5 and the French, rotary-powered Nieuport 28 biplane, join a host of other World War I aircraft in the combat simulator. The patch will be instantly available for installation through the simulation's AML system and can be installed within seconds.

Rise of Flight is a World War I PC flight-simulation title from Moscow-based developer neoqb. The flight simulator, set in the Western Front in 1917, was built on the newly developed Digital Nature engine. More than 125,000 square kilometers of the territory have been redrawn from early 20th Century maps. Rise of Flight allows virtual pilots to fly the famous Spad XIII and deadly Fokker D.VII as well as the Albatros and Nieuport 28 biplanes mentioned above, in exciting dogfight battles. Featuring advanced physics, flight and damage models, Rise of Flight promises a realistic, challenging and fun experience for simulation fans of all stripes and skill levels. Rise of Flight also implements full 6 DOF TrackIR support and is compatible with the TripleHead2Go multi-monitor system from Matrox.

Consumers can purchase Rise of Flight at: Amazon.com, GoGamer.com, NewEgg.com, NCIX.com, FSPilotShop.com, Fry's Electronics, Microcenter, Wal-Mart Canada and other fine retailers.

Interested resellers can contact CompuExpert direct.

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