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Playtech sells YoYo Games to Opera for $10m

Update: YoYo Games confirmed the acquisition, which will form the basis for new Opera Gaming division

What is the best game engine: is GameMaker right for you?

An in-depth guide to YoYo Games' GameMaker, one of the best game engines for aspiring developers without technical skills

YoYo Games closes publishing division

Also halves mobile licence cost in hopes of attracting more developers

YoYo Games promotes Stuart Poole to general manager

Poole was previously head of production and partnerships, replaces outgoing GM James Cox

Old ways can still be the best ways

Why I Love: YoYo Games' Mike Dailly explains how tech from the 1988 Commodore 64 shooter Armalyte is still used today

Portal was a classic from out of nowhere

Why I Love: YoYo Games' Russell Kay remembers how The Orange Box toss-in stole the whole Half-Life show

Game Maker 2 Nintendo Switch export is now in open beta

More than 1,000 developers have contacted YoYo Games about the feature

YoYo Games launches publishing arm for GameMaker titles

"There is a real opportunity for us to act as a conduit to success for these developers," says YoYo Games general manager

GameMaker Studio 2 adds Nintendo Switch support

Games made with YoYo's 2D engine can now be exported to Switch, with Toby Fox's Undertale leading the charge

YoYo Games: Which PC storefronts appeal most to indie developers?

General manager James Cox reveals exclusive insights from a survey of the Game Maker Studio community

GameMaker Studio 2 joins Xbox Live Creators Program

Users can now take advantage of streamlined Xbox certification process

GameMaker Studio 2 adds new license options

Devs can pay for PS4 and Xbox One exports separately, or for all platforms under new "Ultimate" license

YoYo Games release education edition of GameMaker 2

Free trial available to universities and schools, discounts for bulk-bought licences

YoYo Games: “Our competition with Unity is all in people's heads”

CTO Russell Kay believes GameMaker can still thrive in a market of free AAA game engines

YoYo Games sells to PlayTech for $16.4 million

GameMaker: Studio now owned by IoM-based casino specialist

GameMaker exec: "Consoles have become a barrier to creativity"

YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan talks to us about GameMaker on Steam and the "revolution" of indies


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