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Localiser demands his name be dropped from game credits after KKK reference removed

“I saw the forceful change of this as an act of censorship”

No fan left behind

Niche publishers XSEED and Marvelous Europe hope to bring in new audiences without running afoul of their existing fanbases

XSEED rebranded as Marvelous USA

Marvelous brings all US operations under one umbrella

Xseed hires ex-Atlus exec

Import publisher taps Shinichi Suzuki to serve as president and CEO

Last Story publisher says core gamers "follow the best games regardless of the system"

Ken Berry says Xseed was very excited to work on the latest from Sakaguchi and Uematsu

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  • 21515 Hawthorne Blve, Suite 1020
  • Torrance
  • California
  • 90503
  • United States

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