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Xfire secures $3m for Asian expansion

Investment in community platform now totals $7 million

New Xfire CEO sets sights on China

Malcolm CasSelle prepares California company for expansion with joint venture

Xfire: $4 million in funding and new exec team

Gamer social network also breaks partnership with Titan Gaming

Titan Gaming buys Xfire from Viacom

Cash tournament company picks up gamers' social network

GameWager details Xfire integration

In-game communication software to be used as part of recently launched PC platform

Xfire reaches 10 million registered users

The online gaming community supporting over 1,200 PC titles worldwide recently passed the ten million user mark

Xfire: Online hours continue to fall

According to the latest statistics released by online community and data aggregation tool Xfire, the number of hours spent playing online PC games by its community of over 8 million players fell further in October.

Hellgate: London developers chat with public

Flagship Studios, the developers behind the upcoming Hellgate: London title, will be chatting with gamers on Halloween

Xfire: World of Warcraft hours drop

Average hours spent by Xfire users daily playing World of Warcraft have dropped by nearly 18 per cent from August numbers, according to data from the community and data application for the month of September.

Xfire hits 8 million users

Community and data collection tool, Xfire, has now passed the 8 million subscriber mark, and the latest information on the top 20 most-played titles indicates that World of Warcraft's popularity is holding steady.


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