Wonder Arcade

Wonder Arcade is a game design consultancy offering hands-on games design support, idea creation, IP conversion, RFP responding, pitching, planning, team management, team structure advise or trouble shooting of an existing project. We can offer you onsite and offsite support, for any length or type of involvement.

Wonder Arcade can help you brainstorm, or just do the brain work for you when it comes to creating fresh new ideas, converting existing IPs, continuing franchises, responding to publisher RFPs or spring cleaning existing concepts. We can help you come up with a focused idea for your project, taking into consideration audience, budget, technology and time. We can also assist you onsite with team structure, planning, idea creation, hands-on design or just provide a fresh pair of eyes.

If you need a brand new idea, some assistance with your existing project or just a new point of view to help you stay on track, Wonder Arcade is the solution.


  • Guildford
  • United Kingdom

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