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Selling Your Children: Game Entrepreneurs On Letting Go

Trip Hawkins, Alex Seropian, and Tony Goodman on regrets, emotional trauma, and what drives them to keep starting new companies

Disney adds Bungie co-founder, Wideload to games team

Games business grows further with addition of Halo designer to oversee creative development

Wideload launches Shorts

Wideload, the team behind Hail to the Chimp, is adding a new splinter studio called Shorts to work on shorter games that are easier for people with less time to get to grips with.

Old E3 'served no purpose', says ex-Bungie boss

Alex Seropian, co-founder and former CEO of Halo developer Bungie, has said he's relieved that E3 has been downsized into a smaller event - adding that it benefited publishers much more than developers.


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