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Destiny is no GTA, says Pachter, predicting YoY slump in NPDs

Analyst predicts 42% drop in game sales for September

Pachter predicts $400 price tag for PS4

While "publishers will be reluctant to significantly increase their development budgets to maximise game frame rates"

Wedbush: T2 could be readying a social/mobile acquisition

Pachter believes $200m raised from convertible senior notes might fund a purchase

Duke Nukem sales estimates lowered on poor reviews

But LA Noire's go up after it ships 4 million

Best Buy Q1 profit falls by $19m

Analyst believes retailer unlikely to gain games market share

Wii sales down to 236,000 in May

3DS platform sales down 50 per cent on previous month

Take-Two's financial year move "sensible" - analysts

Shift to March means better planning, less volatility, claim Wedbush and Screen Digest

Pachter: 50% of online gamers would pay for multiplayer

"Black Ops, MoH, Halo Reach, GTA 5 all will contain the opportunity for gamers to pay more to the publishers"

CoD will move to "opt-in" premium model - Pachter

Analyst revises pay-to-play prediction, but still convinced Activision will monetise multiplayer

2010 sales flat, 2011 up 13% says Wedbush

Pachter's outfit optimistic about 3DS and expects Wii HD soon

Wake, Blur, PoP fall short of 200k

Big May titles falter despite Red Dead and Mario success

Pachter: Kinect is "a limited device"

Maverick analyst remains sceptical over Kinect versatility and prohibitive price tag

Pachter predicts market rebound

Wedbush positive on E3 showing but wary over Kinect and Move pricing strategies

Pachter: Wii's advantage will be eroded by competitor price cuts

Analyst also predicts DS is losing sales to iPod Touch


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