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Weaseltron Entertainment is a leading provider of games and interactive software on both next-gen and handheld platforms. From AAA to casual titles, Weaseltron draws on years of experience with multi-million selling games to bring top-end development services to the games industry within a budget and within a time-frame.

By remaining independently owned as well as small and flexible in how and where we work, we are able to remain clearly focused on efficiently providing the highest quality products and services and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times by working both smart and hard.

Weaseltron Entertainment provide a wide range of services for the games and interactive entertainment industry, from full product development, through to contract services for products that simply require impetus – whether at the start, end, or for the full duration.

By working with industry-leading publishers such as Electronic Arts and Codemasters, Weaseltron employees have, over the last ten years gained cutting-edge experience on some of the best selling games and most well-known franchises such as Colin McRae Rally and Burnout: Paradise on all next-gen platforms to name but a few.

Weaseltron are based in Leeds, one of the largest cities in the North of England and one of the fastest growing city in the United Kingdom and with great national and international transport links.


Using experience from years of working with in-game technology, Weaseltron employ our own proprietary, platform independent game technology and tool-chain built entirely in-house. Currently with support for XBOX 360, PC, Wii, DS, PS2 with an iPhone version in the works, ‘WeaselTech’ is one of the few available technologies that harnesses the power of next-gen platforms whilst remaining flexible enough to run on handheld consoles due to the modular, extensible way in which it is written.

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