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Hogwarts Legacy designer quits Avalanche following public backlash

Troy Leavitt claims the decision to leave was his own, promises clarity in a future YouTube video

Warner Bros finally secures patent for Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system

Publisher could maintain rights to series' signature mechanic until 2035

AT&T reportedly looking to sell Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Take-Two, EA, Activision Blizzard among potential buyers for potential $4 billion purchase of division

Warner Bros acquires Plexchat

Publisher instigates its plan to grow mobile business by taking on gaming communication platform

IO partners with Warner Bros for Hitman 2, ditches episodic format

New game won't have the bold structure of its predecessor, will launch in November

Shadow of War DLC in honour of deceased developer is now free

Warner Bros. will make donation directly to the family of Michael Forgey who is immortalised as a character in the game

Critical Consensus: Soaring prices mar the excellent Lego Dimensions

Traveller's Tales aces the toys-to-life genre, but series expectations sit uneasily next to the cost of the experience

Batman: Arkham Knight is the UK's biggest launch of 2015

Rocksteady's return topples The Witcher 3, posts biggest week 1 sales in the series' history

WB layoffs incoming - Report

Cuts to impact "most business groups" at media giant, will continue through early next year

Turbine hit with layoffs as part of "strategic alignment"

Warner Bros. has confirmed an unspecified number of job cuts at the Infinite Crisis developer

Warner Bros. appoints David Haddad as VP of publishing

Former SVP of digital gets promotion as part of management shake-up

Bruce Wayne's Millions Can't Buy F2P Success

Game designer Ethan Levy examines why Warner Bros' Arkham Origins isn't matching the F2P stats of Injustice despite the popularity of Batman

Warner Bros bringing The Witcher 3 to North America

CD Projekt Red has partnered with WBIE for the distribution and promotion of the game

WBIE: We're a believer on Wii U

Batman publisher president Martin Tremblay on continuing support for Nintendo's latest, next-gen console prices, the used games uproar, and improving digital sales reporting

Warner Bros: We'd like a mobile IP to become a tentpole for us

WB is taking a slow and steady approach in mobile to start, Greg Ballard tells us, but one day a mobile brand could trickle up to consoles or Hollywood

WB Interactive: Subscription MMOs not dead yet

But restrictive payment options are, claims Lord Of The Rings Online publisher

EA adding third party games to Origin

THQ, Capcom and Warner offering PC titles from November


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