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Versus Evil's "developer first" approach to indie publishing

Managing director Steve Escalante on avoiding "the old dynamic" in publishing - "the publisher is going to take everything and the developer is going to starve"

Versus Evil hosts four-way Charity Clash fundraiser

Streamers representing GameChanger, Save the Children, Operation Supply Drop and St Jude will compete in Antihero matches to win $10,000 donation for their charity

Flying solo: Surviving as a one-person indie

Gambrinous' Colm Larkin and Versus Evil's Steve Escalante reflect on the hurdles individual developers face in today's increasingly competitive market

Versus Evil: "We're establishing a new brand every time"

More competition and vanishing launch windows make indie publishing an unforgiving environment, says GM Steve Escalante

Afro Samurai 2 pulled from PS4, Steam by publisher

Versus Evil gives full refunds, apologises to all purchasers for "failure"

Publishing indies in the era of self-publishing

Versus Evil head explains where small developers want help, even if they don't necessarily need it


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