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Half-Life: Alyx changes the game for VR exclusives | Opinion

Never mind the hardware -- Valve is dipping deep into its own playbook to become the default storefront for VR software

Steam Direct fee set at $100

"We've decided we're going to aim for the lowest barrier to developers as possible, with a $100 recoupable publishing fee per game"

Indie future is unclear as Greenlight goes dark

Shuttering Greenlight was long overdue - but its replacement, Direct, is no panacea for problems facing digital storefronts

Valve threatened by Washington State Gambling Commission

CS:GO skins controversy continues for the Steam platform holder

Valve aims to improve Steam discoverability

Changes expected in the next few weeks; Valve still taking feedback from SteamWorks devs

Valve demands that gambling sites cease operations through Steam

"We have no business relationships with any of these sites. We have never received any revenue from them," says Valve's Erik Johnson

Steam updates user reviews to show a game's score over time

System will now show most recent user reviews to reflect how games can change after release

Valve misled Australian consumers, says court

Valve found to be in violation of Australian consumer law because Steam didn't have a refund policy

How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still dominating Steam

EEDAR VP of Insights Patrick Walker on why CS:GO is the epitome of games as a service done the right way

Sooner or later, paid-for mods are coming

The commercialisation of top mods is inevitable; Valve may have messed up their introduction to Skyrim, but the idea will be back

Valve gives developers power to ban players

In an effort to clamp down on cheaters, Valve is allowing developers to notify the company when an individual ban should be enforced

Steam functionality now limited until you spend $5

Valve says that to protect its customers from phishing and spamming, it's chosen to restrict community features

Valve's VR thrills, but Steam Machines are looking like a flop

Putting PC innards into smaller boxes is nothing new; if Steam Machines are to fulfil their purpose, they need to lower the bar to entry to PC gaming

Valve "really uncomfortable" with devs giving away game keys

The studio has told its Greenlight community that it would like to see devs stop trading away keys to gain votes

Dear Esther, Mirror's Edge artist joins Valve

UK artist Robert Briscoe moving to Seattle after five years of independence

Can Steam Machines succeed?

It's important to realize that Valve won't be measuring success the same way that Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo will

Steam news only a "curiosity" without a must-buy like Half-Life 3 - Pitchford

We speak with several devs about the industry impact of last week's big news around SteamOS, Machines and the new controller

Valve offers a "different kind of gamepad" with Steam Controller

Valve's touch-centric controller offers new ways to play all your favorite Steam games

Valve announces Steam Machines

Valve expects to have "several boxes" from different manufacturers

Valve announces the Linux-based SteamOS

Valve's first reveal is the company's very own Linux variant aimed at living rooms everywhere

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