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Ustwo earns B Corp status, plans to further reduce environmental impact

Parent of Monument Valley developer joins movement of companies working to "balance purpose and profit"

Ustwo: Giving creativity the attention it deserves

Ustwo Games' CCO and CEO discuss how to not lose creative people to business meetings

Monument Valley has earned over $14 million in two years

But ustwo gave 80 per cent of the game's 26 million downloads away for free

Monument Valley downloads increased 10x in 2015

Giveaway promotions led to 21 million downloads, sparked sales of premium expansion

Dan Gray appointed as head of studio for ustwo games

Monument Valley studio commits to gaming growth

Monument Valley dev views piracy as "essentially free marketing"

Pirates are unlikely to be paying customers, "so it's not like we're losing revenue"

"Only 5% of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for"

Developer Ustwo reveals high piracy rates on mobile

Ustwo fights back against unfair reviews

Supporters rally after $2 expansion causes backlash

Monument Valley sells a million

Less than a month after hitting 1 million revenue milestone

Ustwo: Monument Valley "left money on the table" with premium pricing

Director of games Neil McFarland on the creative benefits of avoiding free-to-play

Ustwo to pull Papa Quash in response to cloning accusations

J.S. Joust developer feels he didn't sanction similarities

Whale Trail signs Penguin publishing deal

Cetacean star of Ustwo's mobile game to get book series

Whale Trail Android release is "litmus test" for premium pricing

UsTwo co-founder Matt Mills claims he was wrong to avoid freemium model

'Fragmentation is the biggest problem for Android'

Ustwo's Matt Miller see handset diversity as holding Google back


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