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Enter now for Dare to be Digital

Student game design competition opens, compete for a BAFTA Ones to Watch Award

BAFTA Ones to Watch 2013 nominees selected

"Dare to be Digital has underlined Scotland's place at the very heart of gaming excellence"

Channel 4 puts up 25,000 prize for Dare to be Digital

Winner to be announced at ProtoPlay Festival, August 8-11

V&A museum looking for resident developer

Six months of research in London, then development at Abertay University

Dare to be Digital 2013 applications open

“Any talented art, design and programming students wanting to create computer games for a living should definitely apply"

BAFTA "Ones To Watch" launch new company

Tick Tock Toys creators found Swallowtail Games

Deadline for Games for Films contest set for Thursday

25k grants and invaluable experience with Lionsgate on offer

Dare to Be Digital winners announced

Raptor, Loan Wolf and Kind of a Big Deal go on to BAFTA nominations

Abertay University launches Dare Indie Fest

CCP and Channel 4 headline new event for indie developers

Record number of entries for Dare To Be Digital

70 universities and 30 nations take part in student dev contest

Dare to be Digital 2012 applications open

First stage of acclaimed game design competition goes live for students

Dundee and Abertay join forces to welcome MIT Pune delegates

Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research visiting Scottish universities to discuss further collaboration

Abertay Open Day today

Doors open at noon at respected game development university

University of Abertay faces merger proposal

Dare To be Digital sponsors asked to explore merge with Dundee University

Abertay awards six companies with investment

25,000 handed out to each business as more invited to apply for second round of funding

Abertay gains fourth Skillset accredited course

Professional masters in computer games development gets industry tick

BAFTA win "a kick-start right into the industry"

That Game Studio stunned at praise for Twang

Students invited to submit for Dare to be Digital

Abertay competition will see winners take home One to Watch BAFTA

Controlling IP "vital for business success" - Nokia

Subject up for discussion at this week's Digital Spark conference at the University of Abertay

Abertay to host digital IP event

ELSPA, Nokia, SCEE and Scottish government lined up for September conference

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