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Ubisoft increases pay at Canadian studios to provide "competitive employer offer"

Publisher says pay rise is part of "broader ongoing changes" but reports suggest it may worsen inequality across the company

Ubisoft Toronto appoints new managing director

Former boss of Watch Dogs: Legion developer leaves to focus on personal priorities, is replaced by Ubisoft Berlin studio manager

Watch Dogs Legion | Critical Consensus

Ubisoft Toronto's latest draws largely warm reception as the play-as-anyone idea works, but critics split on how far that carries the game

Ubisoft Toronto: "We can bring life back to toys-to-life"

Splinter Cell Blacklist developers working on unique new IP

30 Years of Ubisoft: “The Guillemots are critical to our success”

Jonathan Morin, Rima Brek, Rebecka Coutaz, Patrick Plourde, Clint Hocking, Martin Oliver, Antti Ilvessuo and Magnus Jansen on Ubisoft's 30 years

"You have to be shipping"

Ubisoft Toronto's Clint Hocking has learned a lot the last seven years, but it's all theoretical until he releases his first game since Far Cry 2

"If people have a voice, you're going to do well"

Ubisoft Toronto's Alexandre Parizeau talks management strategy and how the indie boom is inspiring the next wave of AAA innovation

Clint Hocking returns to Ubisoft

"I realized I had not shipped a game in 7 years, I started to become anxious"

Ubisoft Toronto becoming key partner for other Ubi studios

Producer Lesley Phord-Toy says Toronto has raised some eyebrows in the Ubi system and they don't have enough staff to fulfill all requests

Jade Raymond leaving Ubisoft

Ubisoft Toronto managing director leaving to pursue "other ambitions," will be replaced by Alexandre Parizeau

The industry needs more mentors - Jade Raymond

Ubisoft Toronto head says sacrificing employee growth in order to get a game out the door can squander passion, potential

Ubisoft embracing indie-style projects at big studios

Jade Raymond talks about how Ubisoft Toronto is looking to leverage industry best practices, including indie-style development

Shaking up a franchise? Take nothing away, says Splinter Cell dev

Ubisoft's Everett finds balancing the fresh & expected tough, but essential

How to build a AAA studio

Jade Raymond on taking Ubisoft Toronto's headcount from 0 to 300 while making Splinter Cell: Blacklist in three years

Innovation threatened by rising cost of AAA, says Raymond

Ubisoft Toronto head says big-budget devs should investigate new business models, improve efficiency, invest in tools

"No room for B-games," says Ubisoft Montreal head

Yannis Mallat on next-gen trends, rising development costs, and managing a team of more than 2,700 people

Ubisoft founds new, state of the art Toronto capture studio

publisher looking to create "more filmic, actor-driven games"

Splinter Cell: Conviction a "stepping stone" for Blacklist

Béland calls Conviction a "rescue job", promises more for Blacklist

Ubisoft's Raymond: controversial topics need "certain level of polish"

Ubisoft Toronto managing director Jade Raymond on tackling tough topics

Jade Raymond calls for developers to embrace non-traditional control schemes

Former Assassin's Creed producer believes in viability of control-pad free gaming


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