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Lisa Opie appointed managing director at Ubisoft Reflections and Leamington Studios

The BBC veteran replaces Richard Blenkinsop, who retired from the company earlier this year

"The time is right to re-evaluate open worlds. We can do better"

In his Develop:Brighton talk, Ubisoft Reflections' Chris Jenner suggested ways to achieve world-scale emergent gameplay

Ubisoft picks up Guitar Hero Live studio FreeStyleGames

The developer will be rebranded as Ubisoft Leamington

Ubi's Reflections and Sega become Dare to be Digital mentors

UK studios lend a hand in student competition

Ubisoft Reflections: 30 years on the cutting edge

Few studios survive for three decades, and doing so requires a willingness to change with the times

On Reflections: First interview with the Ubisoft studio's new MD

Pauline Jacquey on how she intends to bring the UK studio into the limelight

Ubisoft Reflections working on Watch Dogs

Newcastle studio confirms it's collaborating with Montreal on E3 reveal

Ubisoft Reflections claims growth and diversity since Edmondson exit

Ubisoft's Newcastle studio on life after Driver: San Francisco

Ubisoft Reflections nominated for Innovation award

Driver: San Francisco honoured by the Royal Television Society of the North East

Gareth Edmondson leaves Reflections after ten years

Studio manager departs Driver: San Francisco developer

Franchise Cheat Sheet: Driver

Everything you need to know ahead of the infamous series' return to shelves later this year

Man In The Mirror

Reflections' Martin Edmondson on making Driver relevant again

Ubisoft may cut up to 19 jobs at Reflections

Reports suggest creative and art director walk as Driver studio 'reorganised'

Studio closures a sign of industry maturity, says Ubisoft dev

Reflection's studio head, Gareth Edmondson, backs Games Up? campaign to level playing field for UK developers


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