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Tencent buys Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock

Team remains independent under Phil Robb and Chris Ashton

Turtle Rock's VR push: "It really is the future of computing"

Left 4 Dead studio will continue traditional development but envisions always having a team dedicated to VR, says GM Steve Goldstein

Turtle Rock: AAA boxed product "not a welcome home" for indies

Left 4 Dead studio working on new co-op IP; GM Steve Goldstein explains his studio's approach and why it's teamed with Perfect World

Evolve switches to free-to-play model

"The DLC shitstorm hit full force and washed away people's enthusiasm"

Take-Two "very pleased" with Evolve sales

President Karl Slatoff says digital revenues, attach rate for Season Pass have been very strong

Turtle Rock, Sony and Twitch collaborate on Chappie battle

Movie studio sets its sights on Twitch audience with specially created tournament

Evolve picks up Best of Gamescom award

Turtle Rock's shooter has now won top awards at both E3 and Gamescom

Turtle Rock community manager fired for Twitter comments

Josh Olin voices opinion on NBA scandal and falls afoul of Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock: Working with Valve was kind of crazy

Co-founder explains why they split from the studio

Turtle Rock Studios: "We were rooting for THQ"

Co-founder Phil Robb on the results of the Evolve auction

THQ signs new project from Left 4 Dead developer

Turtle Rock working on "most ambitious" title to date

Valve acquires Turtle Rock Studios

Valve Corporation has announced the acquisition of Orange County-based development house Turtle Rock Studios

Rock Solid

Part two of our interview with Turtle Rock boss Michael Booth.

Turtle Power

Michael Booth on working with Valve and the growth of online gaming.

Trilogy launches new service for indie retailers

Logistics and distribution company Trilogy has established a new division that will provide specialist services to independent retailers across the UK.


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