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Founded back in 2000 by Jens Hilgers, Ralf Reichert, Alexander T. Müller, Jan-Philipp Reining and Björn Metzdorf, Turtle Entertainment specializes on eSports (electronic sports) and multiplayer gaming. Turtle Entertainment is the company behind the Electronic Sports League (ESL), the ESL Pro Series, the Intel® Extreme Masters, the ESL Amateur Series, the ESL European Nations Championship (ENC) and the Warcraft 3 League ESL WC3L Series (WC3L).

The "eSports company", Turtle Entertainment GmbH, is the driving force behind the growing German and European eSports phenomena. The Electronic Sports League with almost two million registered members and a professionally organized gaming and league system with hundreds of leagues and games of every known and popular genre has become Europe's biggest and most important league for gamers, amateurs and professionals. The overall prize money since the beginning of the ESL amounts to more than three million Euros (Dec. 2008).

The national premier league of the ESL is the Pro Series: Of all ESL members only the best qualify for the Pro Series and compete for the national championship. The competition is organized in cooperation with main sponsor Intel and its concept is comparable to a soccer league system like the german Bundesliga. The pro-gamer elite fights for fame and money in the disciplines Warcraft 3, Call of Duty 4, FIFA 09, Counter-Strike:Source and Counter-Strike 1.6. The best matches are selected and played out live in the Intel Friday Night Games as part of a road tour in Germany's biggest cities. Furthermore, viewers at home have the chance of watching these games live on ESL TV via IPTV stream.

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  • Siegburger Straße 189
  • Cologne
  • 50679
  • Germany

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