Trendy Entertainment

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Trendy Entertainment rebrands to Chromatic Games

Dungeon Defenders studio plans to reinvigorate its IP and return to indie roots

Trendy sues Studio Wildcard over origins of Ark: Survival Evolved

UPDATE: Case settled, details emerge on Twitter

Pre-alpha game sees PS4 launch this month

Purchasing virtual currency bundles will give users access to free-to-play Dungeon Defenders II while it's still in development

Ex-EA Sports VP joins Trendy Entertainment

Dungeon Defenders studio hires Robert J. Moore

Dungeon Defenders studio lays off 20%

Trendy's Darrell Rodriguez admits "cash flow is a concern" but company is working to ensure the release of Dungeon Defenders II later this year

Dungeon Defenders studio names Darrell Rodriguez CEO

Trendy Entertainment will look to the former LucasArts president to lead the company


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