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Lego Star Wars: Rise of TT Games

Game director James McLoughlin talks us through the evolution of the Lego games as the studio comes full circle with The Skywalker Saga

TT Games extends LEGO agreement to 2016

Warner to continue to publish games in 50 million-selling series

Lego Harry Potter, Crystal Skull games next from Traveller's Tales

Studio also pitching to Peter Jackson for Hobbit tie-in

20-minute Lego Batman cartoon in works

US-produced show to use the game's engine and assets

TT working on new Lego titles already?

Jon Burton also reveals his plans to work on a "kids' TV show"

NORDIC: Children badly served by games, says Lego Star Wars boss

Jonathan Smith reveals how player feedback is crucial to the design process at TT Games

Lego Indy not four-player

Earlier reports suggesting that forthcoming Traveller's Tales title Lego Indiana Jones would have four-player co-operative play were apparently incorrect, according to the original author of the preview following clarification from the game's producer.

Videogames people hit UK rich list

The ever-rising popularity of videogames is propelling some figures in the UK games industry to sit alongside media tycoons and property magnates, according to the release of the latest edition of the Daily Telegraph's Made it By 40 list.

LEGO Indy to feature 4-player co-op

The forthcoming LEGO: Indiana Jones game from Traveller's Tales will apparently feature a four-player online co-operative mode, although puzzles for the multiplayer content have been designed to work with just two people if necessary.

Warner Bros: There's life after Lego for TT

Josh Berger, president and MD of Warner Bros UK, has told that new acquisition Traveller's Tales is already working on new titles, other than the recently detailed Lego Batman game.

New Lego Batman details released

The new franchise to follow Traveller's Tales successful Lego Star Wars games, which was hinted at over a year ago, and finally confirmed earlier this year, will be published on all platforms in Europe in 2008.

Traveller's Tales managing director earns £100 million

Traveller's Tales' managing director, Jon Burton, will reportedly earn 100 million pounds from the sale of his company

Warner Bros. swoops for Traveller's Tales

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is to acquire TT Games, the parent company of Lego Star Wars developer Traveller's Tales.

Public hands-on of Haze at GameCity

GameCity is offering attendees the chance to play an exclusive demo of Ubisoft and Free Radical Design's hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 shooter Haze this week.

Traveller's Tales acquires mo-cap studio

UK developer Traveller's Tales, the studio behind the Lego Star Wars series, has announced the acquisition of Centroid Motion Capture Limited.

TT Games promises more Lego titles

After the recent confirmation of a Lego Batman title, developer TT Games has revealed to that there are more Lego games to come from the UK team.

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