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Nordic rebrands as THQ Nordic

Swedish publisher has 23 projects underway, with a majority of them based on acquired IPs from THQ

THQ files suit against EA over UFC licence

Now defunct publisher accuses EA of passing confidential information to UFC parent company

Saints Row producer attacks porn promotion

"Porn star angle didn't fit in with what Saints Row is at heart"

THQ bankruptcy brought to a close

US Bankruptcy Judge approves THQ's liquidation plans

Sega claiming nearly $1M from Company of Heroes 2 preorders

Publisher wants money from THQ's reservations on WWII real-time strategy game; Steam pre-sales figures revealed

Metro developer driven by "talent and relentlessness"

4A Games says Rubin was the only THQ president to ever visit the studio

Jason Rubin: Metro: Last Light is the "triumph of an underdog"

Former THQ exec details terrible working conditions for developer 4A Games and "irrational requirements" of THQ

Danny Bilson: "Nobody's heard my comment. I have to count on the truth"

The former THQ exec breaks the silence on his time at the doomed publisher, and takes a step into the brave new world of entertainment

THQ creditor claims total hundreds of millions

Mattel, Microsoft, UFC, Double Fine among those lining up for remnants of defunct publisher

THQ auction for remaining IP raises nearly $7 million

Darksiders and Red Faction find their way closer to new, unnamed owners

Double Fine "optimistic" about Stacking, Costume Quest rights

Distribution privileges could be picked up during THQ auction

THQ auctioning remaining IP on April 1

Darksiders, Red Faction, and more going on sale in April

WWE license moves to Take-Two

Take-Two agrees to take over the THQ license

Developer Illfonic on life after THQ

Nexuiz studio "confident we will work everything out"

THQ says goodbye to execs

Publisher continues shutting up shop with CEO and president's termination

Roundtable: Who got fat in THQ feeding frenzy?

Now that the publisher's fate is sealed, which of its studios and series will benefit from new ownership?

Ex-Midway exec: THQ collapse "the exact same"

Lee Jacobson on history repeating itself, and why publishers should be quicker to greenlight and kill projects

Turtle Rock Studios: "We were rooting for THQ"

Co-founder Phil Robb on the results of the Evolve auction

THQ - A Victim Of Market Change And Corporate Inertia

The former publisher knew it had to change, but lacked the focus needed to rebuild its business

THQ IP still in need of new homes

Unpurchased franchises and back catalog titles to be sold off in coming weeks; Rubin calls lack of Vigil bids "a travesty"

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