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Steve Gaynor: “Gone Home is the defining game of my career”

Five years on, the Fullbright founder reflects on the impact his team's seminal exploration game has had on the industry

Gone Home Dev: Look past "the best person for the job"

Steve Gaynor wants industry veterans to open the door to more talented women

Tacoma, Gone Home and the future of the 'walking simulator'

Fullbright's Steve Gaynor breaks down budgets, exposure and design

Why is Gone Home a game?

Steve Gaynor addresses detractors, explains why his indie hit had to be a video game

Gone Home dev deals with "reality of online market"

Steve Gaynor talks about why people liked (and hated) his game more than he expected, how Steam sales dictate pricing, and more

Gone Home sells 250K

50,000 achieved in first month

Unknown creators need to be "more indie than indie" - Gaynor

Gone Home producer sees problems as new generation of developers compete against the follow-ups to Braid, Bastion, etc.

Gone Home has sold over 50,000

The Fullbright Company's debut title is a hit

Indie dev skips PAX citing Penny Arcade artist's comments

Gone Home dev The Fullbright Company pulls out of fan convention citing objections to webcomic creators' actions


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