The Astronauts

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Astronauts' Ethan Carter sells 60K in first month

"When you dig deep, you will see that 60K copies is actually pretty good"

The Astronauts: 'It's just a game' design

Adrian Chmielarz on moving beyond his intuition with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Astronauts: "In 2014, $60 for a game is a little insane"

Creative director Adrian Chmielarz on the lessons of Bulletstorm and the problem with price-points

Bulletstorm dev predicts next-gen of game design

"The old ways they no longer work" says Adrian Chmielarz

The Astronauts: "We're no longer excited by mammoth-sized games"

Adrian Chmielarz on why the old Bulletstorm team decided to downsize


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