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Thatgamecompany receives $160m investment

Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull joins the Journey developer as principal advisor on creative culture and strategic growth

Sky more than doubles installs in three months

Thatgamecompany's free-to-play mobile game has been downloaded 50 million times; it reached 20 million in July

Thatgamecompany expands with Bay Area office

Sky: Children of the Light will grow beyond 10 million players with Android and Switch versions this year

NetEase investment is bringing indies East

Simon Zhu offers insight into the company's recent investment strategy, including smaller studios like Second Dinner and thatgamecompany

"It's the game designer's job to evoke different sides of humanity"

Thatgamecompany president Jenova Chen believes that positive behavior can be rewarded and monetized

Thatgamecompany considering move to a multi-project studio

Studio manager Sunni Pavlovic says Journey outfit could run two teams after wrapping work on current game

"My love is for games and game music, not the music by itself"

Thatgamecompany's Vincent Diamante on the importance of sound design

thatgamecompany raises $7 million for new project

Investment will also fund self-publishing, marketing and distribution

Journey dev sees "huge market" for new game genres

"Right now the game industry is still at a very young phase. There is a lot of space for people to go deeper on emotion," says Jenova Chen

Matt Nava: From Journey to Giant Squid

Thatgamecompany's former art director on life away from the sand dunes

Journey art director launches new studio

Matt Nava's Giant Squid surfaces in Santa Monica

Journey dev "excited" to look into free-to-play and mobile

Jenova Chen on his desire to prove artistic games can be hugely profitable, and why he won't be Kickstarting games anytime soon

Jenova Chen: I want to make our next product a commercial success

But thatgamecompany boss admits he doesn't know how many Journey has sold

Journey sweeps D.I.C.E. Awards

8 honours, including Game Of The Year, for thatgamecompany

Journey dev on making online a happier place

DICE 2013: Jenova Chen on pushing ThatGameCompany to bankruptcy to hit the right emotional notes

Journey wins GameCity Prize 2012

Thatgamecompany title takes home festival award

Hunicke: Journey development plagued by unrealistic expectations

Producer says poor communication, feature creep and anger hurt production

Journey‬ Collector's Edition confirmed

First retail release for Thatgamecompany

Jenova Chen: next game should reach "mass audience"

Journey creator and Thatgamecompany boss wants Pixar numbers

Thatgamecompany goes independent with $5.5 million in funding

Jenova Chen's studio leaps from Sony's nest with its first round in Series A funding

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