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Andy Robson created Testology Ltd in June 2006. Testology Ltd has been set up to provide a very high quality of Quality Assurance, games consultancy and testing-staff placement to the entire games industry. Testology will work closely with the development teams and publishers in all areas of game development and on all projects, big or small. Testology wealth of experience and excellence of staff ensures this standard. Andy Robson has created many, hugely successful QA teams throughout his 15 year career in the industry.

Since its formation, Testology has built and maintained many great relationships with numerous clients. Another gratifying aspect of these relationships is that all our clients are repeat customers. Many of our clients are also leading players within the games industry. Lionhead Studios, Media Molecule and Philips amBX are great examples of these types of companies. Testology has been critical in the development process of two of 2008s biggest titles. Fable 2 and Little Big Planet have shared critical acclaim and magnificent reviews/scores since being released. Both have achieved 10/10 review scores on multiple occasions which is a testament to the type of product Testology can help achieve.

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