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Google Stadia is like the early days of Steam, says Tequila Works CEO

Developer of Stadia-exclusive Gylt believes platform hasn't reached its potential yet, but that game streaming services will only get better

Tequila Works' Raul Rubio on the dangers of building on stereotypes

"If you look at games made in Spain, you will notice a shocking lack of bullfighters"

People of the Year 2017: Tequila Works

The Spanish studio has come into its own in 2017 with deep and engaging titles like Rime and The Invisible Hours

Rime: Critical Consensus

Tequila Works' well-crafted puzzle title leaves reviewers stunned but divided over the long-awaited game's impact

Rime's digital version now priced the same on Switch as other platforms

The physical version will remain $40 but will come with a free soundtrack to boost value

Tequila Works: "It's not about doing what you want, it's about loving what you do"

Tequila Works' Raul Rubio offers advice to indies, discusses narrative in VR, and the impact of world politics on games

Tequila Works reacquires Rime rights from Sony

Could hint at multi-platform future for adventure title


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