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TeliaSonera expands US presence

European carrier hails "new possibilities" for clients connecting to "global IP backbone"

TeliaSonera renews Blizzard deal

Companies agree to new two-year IP transit deal in the build-up to StarCraft II launch

TeliaSonera's Vlad Ihora

The carrier's games man talks Blizzard, Turkey and why OnLive is too soon for the mass market

TeliaSonera: OnLive's idealism is to be commended

But the reality is different says operator; mass cloud gaming still a year and a half away

TeliaSonera renews Blizzard hosting deal

Network firm to continue to provide services for Warcraft publisher for another 2 years

Online gaming is driving internet growth

TeliaSonera's Vlad Ihora explains why ISPs are paying more attention to gamers


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