Tatem Games

Tatem Games is an inventive and ambitious group of game developers whose main aim is to deliver quality products and evolve together with the emerging technology market.

Core team of Tatem Games (part of Beeplex Group) are game development veterans with over 14 years experience, known by PC games like 'Vivisector Beast Within' and 'Cryostasis Sleep Of Reason'. Later, we fell in love with Apple from the first sight and now our main focus is developing addicting and simple games for iOS platform. Not only do we fancy conditions that Apple applications store has created for developers, but also adore multiple possibilities to apply innovative techniques in game controls, user interface and interactivity. These and many other features that Apple products offer are employed full-time at Tatem Games office and work with developers to produce break-through games for everyone.

Most importantly, we love what we are doing and we are passionate about each game and each update we release. We have seen this technique of putting soul into game bringing incredible results and we stick with it. We value aspiration, openness and uniqueness.


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