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Rogue Games ends Vainglory support, but developer keeps game going

Update: Publisher apologizes, citing "astronomical" server costs, COVID-19, and Vainglory All Stars as reasons for shutdown

Super Evil Megacorp closes $10.5m financing round as it prepares to launch new project

Vainglory developer hands off publishing responsibilities for its cross-platform MOBA to Rogue Games

Vainglory's vision of a cross-platform future

Super Evil Megacorp CEO Kristian Segerstrale says the PC launch nears true competitive parity with mobile, and hopes the industry will follow the game's example

Super Evil Megacorp partners with NetEase to launch Vainglory in China

Mobile MOBA announces PC launch, plans for console that will include release on these platforms in China

Super Evil Megacorp snags $19m

Vainglory studio doubles office space and expands team with plans to bring the MOBA to more audiences

"We are 'all in' on this experience. This is not a portfolio strategy"

Kristian Segerstrale maps out the future of Vainglory and mobile eSports

Super Evil Megacorp to debut Vainglory franchise program in 2017

Partner teams will share in multiple revenue streams and guide the future of the game as an eSport

"eSports is, for us, the wake of the boat" - Super Evil Megacorp

COO Kristian Segerstrale on Vainglory's ascendancy as an eSport, and why massive prize pools are bad for business

Super Evil Megacorp: From eSport to spectator sport

Catching up with Kristian Segerstrale and Vainglory nine months after release

Super Evil Megacorp raises $26 million, forges new partnerships

Vainglory publisher gets serious on eSports whilst expanding into China

Vainglory enters the eSports arena

Super Evil Megacorp partners with ESL for the mobile MOBA's first official tournament

Vainglory dev appoints GM of Asia Pacific

Taewon Yun will look to drive Super Evil Megacorp's growth in the region, especially in Japan and Korea

Vainglory aims to be "caricature anti-monetizer"

Super Evil Megacorp COO Kristian Segerstrale on free-to-play and the unhealthy "industry obsession" with top grossing app charts

Super Evil Megacorp appoints community manager

George “Zekent” Liu joins Vainglory studio

Super Evil Kristian Segerstrale

He backed Supercell and now he's backing a MOBA for iOS, but can Vainglory win over core gamers?

Super Evil Megacorp hires Segerstrale as COO

Vain Glory developer also announces $15m in funding


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