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Sulake: 15 years of Habbo Hotel

CEO Antti-Jussi Suominen on mobile, monetisation and muting

Habbo Hotel parent company acquired by Elisa

Finnish telecommunications firm increases stake in Sulake to 85 per cent

Habbo Hotel releases API for gaming platform launch

Sulake invites other developers to create games for the Habbo platform

Habbo Hotel parent company to axe 60 jobs

Up to two-thirds of Sulake's global workforce under threat due to restructuring

Habbo Hotel revenue at 75 per cent of pre-scandal levels

Sulake CEO claims that support from investors and users remains strong

New Habbo Hotel goes live in Brazil, Spain and Finland

Sulake unveils comprehensive safety measures, more territories to follow in the next few weeks

Sulake: Habbo will become "protected democracy"

Under fire social network addressing "poorly regulated social gaming industry"

Habbo Hotel planning "Great Unmute" event

Sulake planning to tackle allegations of chatroom impropriety head on

Habbo's main investor withdraws finance

VC group 3i walks away from 16 per cent stake as Sulake reels from paedophile allegations

European Commission may be "forced" to regulate Habbo

GAME, Tesco, WH Smiths all pull support for game cards

Habbo investors dump shares over grooming investigation

Balderton Capital said to drop 13% stake in Sulake over pending C4 expose UPDATE: Sulake CEO responds as more details emerge from Channel 4

UK's Remode signs dev deal with Sulake

First to join Habbo Hotel creator's third party development program

Art Of Crime partners with Habbo Hotel SVP

Family MMO Crimeville set to expand after success in Scandanavia

Sulake's LaFontaine: Product integration key to cross-platform retention

Habbo Hotel boss says "We view Facebook as a channel where we acquire users"

Habbo Hotel designer joins Makielab

Sulka Haro moves to new digital toys and games company

Moshi Monsters, Habbo Hotel creators wary of IPO

Social firms won't be following PopCap and going public anytime soon

Habbo Hotel owners post record financials

Sulake's 2010 revenues up by over 20% year on year

$39m revenue in first half of 2010 for Habbo dev

Sulake pulls in $4.5m profit in first six months of the year following lay-offs

Habbo Hotel developer lays off 40 staff

Finnish firm Sulake set to begin redundancy negotiations next week - report


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