Stardock Corporation

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Recent articles about Stardock Corporation

Blizzard veteran building cloud service for Stardock

Former Blizzard systems engineer Adrian Luff moves to Stardock to launch the cloud-based Project Tachyon

Stardock jumps into new territory with Stardock Mobile

The PC developer and publisher reveals its first three mobile games

Stardock creating fund for startups

Galactic Civillizations developer using proceeds from sale of Impulse for new investment fund

Soren Johnson joins Stardock "at least for a while"

Civ IV lead designer to oversee all game projects at PC specialist

Rebellion files lawsuit against Stardock and Ironclad Games

Claims Sins of a Solar Empire expansion infringes trademark

Stardock considers completely abandoning retail

Sins of a Solar Empire developer cautious of retail future, contemplates digital only


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