Austrias leading game development studio


Upcoming titles:

Unannounced (Activision)

Unannounced (SevenOne Media)

Latest titles:

Cursed Mountain (Wii - Deep Silver)

Beach Fun - Summer Challenge (Wii- RTL)

Astrology (DS - Deep Silver)

Panzer Tactics (DS - 10tacle)

Scotland Yard (DS - dtp)

Gallop & Ride / My Riding Stables (Wii/PC - dtp/THQ)


Recent articles about Sproing

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UPDATE: Austria's largest games developer says it is not entirely insolvent or closed, laying off two teams after project cancellation

A Sproing in the Step

The Austrian developer's CEO Harald Riegler talks business development, motivation of staff and censorship in Germany

Sproing adds new development talent

Lukas Kugler and Barbara Shulz join Austria's largest studio

Office details

  • Fernkorngasse 10/202
  • Vienna
  • 1100
  • Austria

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