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UK games industry behind in female employment

Creative Skillset survey shows improvement, but games still had the lowest proportion of women of any Creative Sector industry

"Entrepreneurialism is the new get-a-job-as-a-games-tester"

Brian Baglow talks about what's needed to democratise games recruitment

62% of parents believe games offer a good career for children

Livingstone reveals early findings of NESTA and Skillset review

Livingstone and NESTA launch UK skills review

New campaign to establish better games industry education and training

Livingstone: Skills Review can "change perceptions of industry"

Government-backed report to be published in early 2011 and will "set a blueprint to transform the UK"

De Montfort receives Skillset accreditation

Leicester university the first to receive ratification for a games art course in England

Skillset appoints 3 new reps to Computer Games Skills Council

Giselle Stewart, Neil Thompson and Jamie MacDonald join expert team


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