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Analyst expects Activision to close Sierra studios

Signal Hill's Todd Greenwald says closures necessary to improve margins

Sierra to attend MCM London Expo

Ghostbusters and Bourne Conspiracy playable for consumers at the event held over May 24 - 25

Prototype comic coming in August

Sierra and DC Comics announce a deal for a publication, to be adapted from the videogame title.

WGA announces first videogame writing award nominees

The Writer's Guild of America, currently locked in a strike against Hollywood movie and television studios, has announced the nominees for its first-ever videogame writing award

Sierra: We're prepared to take risks with new IP

Prototype and F.E.A.R. publisher Sierra Entertainment has told it's ramping up development of new IP and isn't afraid to take more risks than its third-party competitors.

Pillar Talk

Sierra's Martin Tremblay and Al Simone on how they plan to take the company forward.

Sierra's Aliens encounter

Sierra Entertainment has signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox allowing it to publish a game for the PlayStation Portable, based on the Aliens/Predator film which will be screening in the UK from Christmas Day this year.

New Sierra titles coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Sierra Online has announced three upcoming titles which will be released for Xbox Live Arcade.

High Moon developing Bourne title for Sierra

Sierra Entertainment has revealed that High Moon Studios is currently developing Robert Ludlum's Bourne Conspiracy for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • Bucks
  • SL7 1NB
  • United Kingdom

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