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Shanda Group among first in China's Free Trade Zone

The new Free Trade Zone grants its first set of permits for operations in China

Shanda Interactive Entertainment family buyout completed

87 per cent of shareholders in favour of CEO takeover

Shanda Games shows weakness as profits dip

Games division blamed for fall in profits, despite year-on-year revenue increase for Chinese publisher

Shanda Games acquires Mochi Media for $80m

Online multiplayer developer snaps up US-based Flash firm

Shanda revenues jump 42.7%

Chinese games provider reports USD 136m in net revenue with an increase in its MMO business of 39.9 per cent

Shanda sales to jump 9%

Chinese online games publisher ups sales expectations due to success of its free-to-play games

More than 59 million online gamers in China by 2008

A survey by the Data Center of the China Internet and Internet Society of China expects the number of online gamers in that country to surpass 59 million in 2008

Shanda's profits up 66%

Shanda Interactive Entertainment, a China-based MMO publisher, has announced that its third quarter profits are up 66 per cent year on year, with an expected additional rise of between four and seven per cent for the final fiscal quarter.


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