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Level-5 steps up to fight Sega patent lawsuit

Sega accuses Level-5 of patent infringement, Level-5 calls Sega a troll

Yakuza creator forms new studio

Toshihiro Nagoshi will be joined by core Yakuza staff to form Ryu ga Gotoku Studio

Sega and EA sign Japanese distribution deal

Partnership will start with Shadows Of The Damned

Yakuza series ships 5 million worldwide

Zombie spin-off racks up sales of 400,000 in Japan

Sega: Sonic and Mario to sell 4 million

Sega corporate director Masanao Maeda has stated that he expects Mario and Sonic at the Olympics to sell 4 million copies when it goes on sale in November.

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  • 1-2-12 Haneda, Ohta-ku
  • Tokyo
  • 144-8531
  • Japan

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