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Screen Digest

Screen Digest is the pre-eminent firm of industry analysts that has been covering global media markets for over 30 years.

Headquartered in London, with offices in New York and Carmel, California, we employ a team of 40 specialist analysts covering film, television, broadband, mobile, cinema, home entertainment and gaming.

Our Intelligence services and reports provide the information and analysis upon which hundreds of media companies worldwide base their decisions.

Most recently we have launched Global Media Intelligence (GMI), a new service which provides research and analysis specifically for media-focused institutional investors.

Recent articles about Screen Digest

Growth of gaming on Facebook slows, stiff challenges ahead

Update: Screen Digest's Steve Bailey adds his comments to the report on the social network's future in gaming

Subscription revenue drops for online games

Falls five per cent between 2009 and 2010, but microtransactions are on the rise

Take-Two's financial year move "sensible" - analysts

Shift to March means better planning, less volatility, claim Wedbush and Screen Digest

MMO ARPU down 10%, but total sector value rising

Screen Digest: Subs market to reach $2bn by 2014, but WoW's dominance slips

Screen Digest: "Room for iterative Wii" before 2012 new console

Analyst also feels Kinect has "potential to have more of an impact" than Move

Social games market to earn over $1bn by 2012

Screen Digest report: goldrush will pay out until 2014 at least

iSuppli acquires Screen Digest

Technology research firm merges with venerable UK games analyst

Emerging PAL markets worth 1.9bn last year

Software sales increase 12% on 2008; PS3 installed base grows to 1.4m

US media firms present "multi-faceted" competition

Screen Digest analyst says companies such as THQ could lose out

Report - Online share of gaming market to grow 6% in 2010

Consoles will continue to lead the way for connected devices in living rooms, says analysis

MMO subscription revenue to hit $2 billion by 2013

Spending on subscription-based games grew 22 per cent last year to $1.4 billion

Wii and DS sales 'under threat from recession'

Screen Digest analyst also predicts slower PS3 sales on price sensitivity; new IP will be impacted

EA and Activision Blizzard dominate Q3 releases

Screen Digest analyst also identifies long list of new IP for Wii - but questions quality

Mobile games to "disappoint" in ad revenue stakes

But the ad-funded market will still prove an important opportunity for brands to connect to customers, says Screen Digest

Advertising sets mobile games free

The in-game advertising trend is taking hold, but what does free cost?

Screen Digest: EA will succeed

Screen Digest analyst Ed Barton has told that he believes a number of factors will come into play over the course of the Electronic Arts/Take-Two Interactive negotiations, and taken together they will be successful

Fun and games in Barcelona

Screen Digest's David MacQueen runs down the highlights from this year's MWC.

Screen Digest: 2008 is PS3's year

Piers Harding-Rolls, senior games analyst at Screen Digest, believes that while 2007 is firmly the year of Nintendo, 2008 might see some significant change.

ActiBlizz deal to prompt further consolidation?

Piers Harding-Rolls, senior games analyst at Screen Digest, has told that the Activision Blizzard merger is a sound one, and could lead to more deals in the future, providing they make good business sense.

Screen Digest acquires Adams

Media intelligence firm Screen Digest has announced the acquisition of California-based Adams Media Research for an undisclosed amount of cash and Screen Digest stock.

Office details

  • Head Office, Lymehouse Studios, 30/31 Lyme Street
  • London
  • NW1 0EE
  • United Kingdom

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