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I Expect You to Die has earned over $2m on the Oculus Quest

Schell Games' VR title has also sold nearly 100,000 copies on the platform

Lack of representation in games is "partly an issue of values, partly an issue of bravery"

Jesse Schell discusses the development of superhero dating sim Mission: It's Complicated

At Schell Games, culture is the antidote to crunch and conflict

CEO Jesse Schell and four of the studio's original executives discuss the importance of stability, team-building, and open communication

US Department of Education awards $900k to Schell Games for VR education

Grant from Small Business Innovation Research program will assist with development of HistoryMakerVR

I Expect You To Die reaches $3 million in revenue

VR escape room game meets milestone one year after reaching $1 million

VR will soon have its Commodore 64 moment - Schell

Designer behind I Expect You To Die compares VR to home computers from '78 but expects huge growth in the near future

Jesse Schell's I Expect You To Die has earned over $1m

The VR title's revenue milestone comes eight months after releasing last December

"Gamers are bored... They're ready to spend on something new"

Jesse Schell has waited 25 years for consumer VR to arrive, and he has a few theories about how the market will take shape

Jesse Schell: Xbox, PlayStation and the Innovator's Dilemma

"There's one mistake that they all make, and that mistake is listening to their customers"

Serious games stigmatized in and out of the industry, says Schell

Serious Play Conference keynoter Jesse Schell says games that change are the fastest growing part of the industry, but run into perception problems

Schell Games creates HIV prevention game

Yale University partnership to make mobile title aimed at at-risk teens

Jesse Schell on the future of characters in games

The iconic designers ponders important developments for our in-game friends

Schell: Licenses set to explode in social gaming

Established IP could account for 50 per cent of revenues in booming digital sectors, says Schell Games boss

Jesse Schell

Next week's Unite keynoter talks new platforms and challenges, plus the DS market


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